krematorium friedhof am hörnli, basel 
so, here is the reason why there have been so few blog entries the last years (!?). pictures by rasmus norlander.

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Watch it grow!

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From today on proud owner of a charming ruin.

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fondation bellet, foyer du servan, lausanne 
Our proposal for the invited competiton for the Foyer du Servan in Lausanne unfortunately didn't make it to the finals. A pity: I liked it and I liked the challenge of a complex program and a demanding site and surrounding.

Visualization of the building towards the courtyard and playground

Plan of the flats were 8 children life together, supervised and educated. The plan is divided in a day- and night area that also generates the buildings exterior shape.

Visualization of the day area.

Visualization of the night are - a three story atrium connects the floors and allows supervision during the night and contact between the flats.

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