vis, croatia 
Annualy I spent a week with old friends, friends that got spread all over Europe, to find a chance to do what they want to do and learned. And it is inspiring each year to hear how their understanding of the world, and their way of survival in it, has changed and developed. In some way we all have to sell something. So I recommend you to look at Porcella to buy food with a background and a good conciousness. Or to contact this guys in case you want to feel fire in winter, webpage soon to be updated. Or, if you want to be cared for go here. Enough of advertising.

We went to Vis in Croatia. I catched my first Octopus with my bare hands and still feel its hands clenching mine in agony, and a bad conciousness. But we ate it all. And there are some houses on the island, done so rough and impulsive that the glow of beauty in the late summer sun. They remind me that houses are, whatever else they might be, but just a frame and life in it and around it is the picture.

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