spring break 
So, quite a while since the last update. Too many balls juggled at the same time to have spare time here. This winter has passed fast, it seems the last foggy month all blend into one long day. Now the April winds are blowing, and a day from now they will shake our plane on the way to Portugal to get some rest.

I have started teaching in the first year at the Lucerne School of Architecture and Engineering. So far it has been a great and challenging experience. The studios there are organized by materials, in my studio we are focusing on brick, building little houses. Take a look at previous work done there in the yearbooks.

Then we lost one competition and won another. With more or less 1100 competitiors we were in a popular race for the future Cultural Centre in Bamyian, a competition organized by UNESCO. See our (and all the other) proposals here.

And we worked on a proposal for a school in Romanshorn in Switzerland together with Ricardo Bak Gordon Arquitectos. A inspiring collaboration with a winning outcome.

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