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So it is time to get out of the bear cave again. Winter has gone.

I have started to work part-time at the HSLU Luzern as assistant for the Masters course in Architecture. So far it has been exciting, challenging and fun.

Part time also means space to breath. And draw and make plans and fail. But more on that later.

Check the next issue of hochparterre. Palle Petersen wrote an article reflecting on the "Was geht, und wo?" symposium that happened back in December. The introduction sounds promising!

And attached two drawings done to try out my new pens, crossbreeds between plans and sections, inspired by the genre of so called "Zimmerbilder".

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münchen - was geht, und wo? 

Der BDA lädt zum von Florian Fischer und Peter Scheller organisiertem Symposium "Was geht, und wo?" an der Münchner TU. Ich wurde eingeladen, bin aufgeregt und freue mich ungemein. Dabei sein lohnt sich auf alle Fälle!

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bregenz - kunsthaus - ai weiwei 
Last rainy sunday we took shelter in Peter Zumthors Kunsthaus Bregenz to look at an exhibition called "Ai Weiwei - Art - Architecture". There was not as much Ai WeiWei as one would expect. Two floors considered architectural work done in collaboration with the artist. I just couldnt figure out which part he played in the design processes.

Interesting nevertheless. Study models of Herzog de Meurons national stadium in Beijing, two designs of Swiss HHF. Most interesting a project called "Five houses": a series of houses based on sequential units. Various modes of shifting create completely different interiour situations and modes of use.

Second floor, a huge model covering almost all floor area: the future village of Ordos (the link doesnt work right now, probably considered a thread and censored by the considerate peoples republic). An architectural gangbang, but somehow more acceptable by the use of a uniform material.

The highlight definitely being the third floor and finally a piece of Ai Weiwei himself, called: "Moon Chests". A good space for beautifully crafted objects.

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Good news back from Lisbon. The competition done in amazing collaboration with LOK and Joana Quintas received third price. Happy! Here is the jury report, the projects pdf is here.

Task was to find a strategy for a river valley north of Lisbon, close to the spanish border, to be used and appreciated as a natural corridor in an area recently devastated by forest fire. Along the river two of many decaying mills should be revitalized as focal points along the path.

One mill is the singing mill of Atalaia, the water powered wheel activates mechanical instruments when entering the space while at the same time conserving its historical function.

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