Quite a while since the last update. What happened? Some competitions were handed in: one with Context Architects in Porto for the Serlachius Foundation in Finland, another one for a development in Slovakia, called Danubia. And one with LOK Arqitectos in Lisbon, which is being judged right now. After all that we grilled our last sardinhas in Lisbon and headed to Vienna.
Serlachius Musuem proposal - Family
Danubia proposal - Shore House

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maroc II nowadays 

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maroc I 
Just returned from a road trip in Marocco.
We flew to Marrakech, rented a car and headed for the mountains first. Thats the view from Atlas feet back to town, hidden in a layer of emissions. At some point I thought the European spring starts somewhere here and it does right now.
Villages and houses are made of clay, very simple, they follow the contours. The backside wall is the mountain or another house, the roof always part of the landspace. It seems to be a widespread custom to paint around the windowholes with withe chalk, like in Austria, or here in Lisbon.
The spring is fed by the melting snow. A surreal image to see it breathing dry, dusty air and with the sharp, north african light.
On the other side its even drier. Rivers coming from the mountains are green lungs. Smart watering systems divide the water up among all citizens and plants. On the green edges, between half desert and gardens people built their homes. Before mostly in clay, old Kashbas, now ruins, now rented for nothing to the poorest if they are still habitable, but most of them seem collapsed or ready to. New houses are build in concrete and brick.

More later...

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am weissenhof 

Just returned from Stuttgart, having been there for the opening of the exhibition in the Galerie am Weissenhof showing the winning entries for the price the gallery awards every second year.
I´m grateful for a very nice experience, having met inspiring people both within the jury as well as the other participants. Check them out: Nagel Theissen, Fischer Multerer and Gabi Schillig.

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