kita st. moritz 
holidays are over, at the desk again. my phone is diving with a seaturtle in corsica but replacement is on the way. here our contribution for a day-care center in st. moritz done in collaboration with Christian Koch and Eleonora Bassi.

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basel, crematory, mockup in progress 

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does somebody know why there are no mirrors in villa savoye (and it seems in some of his other work)? did he leave that up to the inhabitants? and if yes, why? either there is a really simple explanation, or one that is architectural or ontological.

i try one: i see the mirror could disturb a very matter of fact situation. here, everything is, what it is. the piping, the aplliances, the walls, color, materiality and light. a constructivist painting. a mirror would create a virtual copy in a wrong scale and disturbing denser focus point. but surely there is a more simple explanation.

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etretat, st.valery 
a longer break. a delivery. soon some pictures of our mockup 1:1 for the crematory in basel.

a month ago: a visit to normandy. where my grandfather half my age once sat in a tank. where the ocean continously eats the land and bunkers become giant empty sea shells laying on the beach.

and where facades are made of flintstone! glasslike. if there is sun on it, they seem translucent. corners and frames are made of more precise materials, mostly brick. and the flintstone is often setback, a grid of heavy mortar joints in front. domesticating a brittle material.

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