An image surfaced portraying Friedrich Nietzsche in his secret retreat deep in the Schwarzwald forests in southern Germany.

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cascais pt 
The first week in Lisbon has passed, filled by job-seeking and remarks on a market that hasn´t yet succeded to give work to architects again. What to do but keep going? Besides we made a little trip to Cascais, a small fishing-town grown tourist-attraction closeby Lisbon. On the way we stopped in the area of Bélem and walked around a bit. We found a little gem a little of mainstreet.

Inbetween two to four story housing from the turn of the century and younger, car parking and broken glass topped walls we discovered this little row of houses hiding. The houses very narrow and deep, covered by a pitched roof. The individually designed main facades facing a common yard more looking like the remnants of a village road. But it was the scale that gave the whole ensemble an unique and charming character. Making it feel very cozy and human, despite the very limited space, both in area and height.

And then we made a little study, the body as the scale for buildings. I guess we two have to use different Modulori.

Anyway, after we went to Cascais. The sun was burning down like crazy and we looked at buildings by Aires Mateus, Souto de Moura and the bright and fiendly Praça Diogo de Menezes by Miguel Arruda, glaringly laying in the sun. Best was Souto de Mouras "Casa das Histórias Paula Rego". Wonderful concrete work, amazing color contrasting blue sky, very well done landscaping. The contrast with the trees and the geometric volumes in the back was worked very well. A bit weird though that shop and café get this particular, metaphysic volumetric treatment and not parts of the exhibition spaces which have a flat roof all over. But just that, otherwise, nice niches and yards and a good atmosphere.

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la biennale etc 
In July I quit working at K+S and left Stockholm heavy hearted to move back to Austria before heading to another extreme of Europe in September, Portugal.

Back here we were working on Pezo von Ellrichshausens exhibtion for the Biennale in Venice called "Detached".

Two weeks of obeying the rules of concrete; building formworks, casting, waiting, fearfully stripping the formwork to slowly discover another object that you can never fully control. Anyway, finally we could deliver two little boxes to the Giardini in Venice.

Here you can look at some pictures of the finished installation.

And I just discoverd that all the interviews done by HUO are now watchable here. And I have to post this link to another great resource, interviews that might be more interesting.

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little houses 
In long swedish summer nights your need to sleep vanishes. In my terrarium of light, overlooking the town and lakes inbetween I exercise architectural relaxations. I do sketches of houses, starting at a random point, the chimney, a window, a hole in the ground. There is no idea, no ambition, still there is an outcome, produced by the tradition of my profession, nostalgia and subconcious images.

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