Me and the dog waiting for things to happen in our favorite space: the alpine forest.

In another life I would dedicate myself to the task of changing the face of our forests. I would try to improve what I find disturbing: monocultural areas, extensive logging and roads to access every last part of every tiny forest property.
Why is there not a way to judge the forest from more perspectives? Why not take the shift from an agricultural to a touristic society serious and declare the Alps a park? And treat the forest accordingly. I still mean purely economocial (even if the outcome feels different) but from more angles. Not only the angle of the timber industry but the people walking through it.

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holiday: lands and homes 
Elba: Shepherd shelters
Gailtal: Hunters and farming huts

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postboxes etc 
My winter cave is memories and books. In the archives of the past I found some collages of chilean postboxes in chilean landscapes that I want to share with you.
Otherwise the cave is full of life instead of sleep, soon we will start working on our project in Basel and the new semester in Luzern is up to begin.

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krematorium hörnli 
Glad to announce that our proposal for the new crematory at the Hörnli cemetary in Basel won 1st prize. An intensive collaboration with Frederic Garrigues-Cortina, Ewen Le Rouic Paysage and Pierre Arnoud Voutay of Bollinger et Grohmann.

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