stuff that happened to me. 
A while ago I read this book by Jonathan Safran Foer called "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close". The main character has the habbit to save things he stumbles upon in a folder called "Stuff that happened to me". I thought that was quite a bright idea.
One of the first disoveries I archived there, were "Zimmerbilder". After a search for old school interior renderings I found that artistic genre popular during Biedermeier. More on wikipedia. The most stunning picture was this one:

The frontal perspective calms the room and it feels like a humbly furnished stage with two actors in it. Both are patient, one waiting for play. The reading lady is like a statue, captured by a book. She stands frozen. She is in the room but at the same time somewhere else.
Another thing is that the image is obviously a technical drawing. I thought that was weird and nice.

Fascinated I tried to find more Zimmerbilder. Try an image search. What you will find is frog eyed images of hotel rooms with perversly nice made beds. I hate things hidden away in the net because of a more popular meaning of the same search term.

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happy blogging! 
Got tired of exhausting ftp updates and thought it would be easier with a blog. But man, css, rss, styles and codework make a hangover headache really another experience. For now I let it be, it´s halfway done and works somehow. The next step should be some content. I´m looking forward to that too...

Thanks to xarch-admin Wolfgang, undoing my mistakes. The old site can be found here.

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on wheels! 
Half a year since the last update!!! Autum is coming, cold winds, rain, rarely blue skies. Hands freezing on early morning bicykle rides. My first big investment with the currency rewarded to me as employee:

Beautiful and foldable. Joyfull city explorations on weekends, glancing at blurry reflections in shopping windows of me passing by and goods behind them. Seeing the citys places in short times and the people giving life to them. Not participating riding, every stop a slowdown to the pace of citizen activity. And lots of words to get rid off.

Then, you could take a look at (links works now) to check out a development done by the office that I work with.

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