krematorium hörnli 
Glad to announce that our proposal for the new crematory at the Hörnli cemetary in Basel won 1st prize. An intensive collaboration with Frederic Garrigues-Cortina, Ewen Le Rouic Paysage and Pierre Arnoud Voutay of Bollinger et Grohmann.

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new york surfaces 

Mid-November, study trip to NYC. I see bricks everywhere, in all variations: painted, cut, joined, reassemled, rotten, worn. Walls like aged skin or yellowed paper, narrating stories of products long gone, an industrial age passed, of hands putting them up and tearing them down. Each brick being in one of an infinte amount of positions accumulating history. Is there a way to artistically incorporate that into a building? Some days later, in the Metropolitan Museum, we looked at the Temple of Dendur. Among the engravings that cover all the walls smaller ones of people having seen it later.

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istanbul I 

Ideas from Istanbul: Bay windows are a common sight. On the first floor they provide a covered entrance, on the second floor they catch the wind and provide cross ventilation and a view into the street. On the third floor often a balcony, sometimes covered as well. It is a simple way to add multiple qualities to a facade.

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autumn etc 

Ca' di Tristezza

Rainy days, Maroni in the oven, the smell of bread and cold air in the room. Seeing the world through water stained windows. Cigarettes, spending time drawing, solving plans like doing crossword puzzles. Fiction breathing life the longer you work on it. Listening to Cold Specks and Efterklang.

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