krematorium hörnli 
Glad to announce that our proposal for the new crematory at the Hörnli cemetary in Basel won 1st prize. An intensive collaboration with Frederic Garrigues-Cortina, Ewen Le Rouic Paysage and Pierre Arnoud Voutay of Bollinger et Grohmann.

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autumn etc 

Ca' di Tristezza

Rainy days, Maroni in the oven, the smell of bread and cold air in the room. Seeing the world through water stained windows. Cigarettes, spending time drawing, solving plans like doing crossword puzzles. Fiction breathing life the longer you work on it. Listening to Cold Specks and Efterklang.

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how we would like to live.
one room filled with furniture, originating from the same family but at the same time all different, just like dogs.

another room divided up by plants of all sizes to create a patchwork of inbetweens, to read, to water and harvest, to rest.

one room like a passepartout framing mountains. to boulder, to feel solid and heavy.

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luzern etc 
So it is time to get out of the bear cave again. Winter has gone.

I have started to work part-time at the HSLU Luzern as assistant for the Masters course in Architecture. So far it has been exciting, challenging and fun.

Part time also means space to breath. And draw and make plans and fail. But more on that later.

Check the next issue of hochparterre. Palle Petersen wrote an article reflecting on the "Was geht, und wo?" symposium that happened back in December. The introduction sounds promising!

And attached two drawings done to try out my new pens, crossbreeds between plans and sections, inspired by the genre of so called "Zimmerbilder".

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